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Welcome to the DS2 Research Lab

We are a research team of Data Science and Computer Science at the University of Virginia.

We research Data Systems for Data Science (DS2). Our aim is to explore and build better systems software to sustain the requirements of next-generation data-intensive applications.

We are interested in addressing challenges existing in real-world distributed and storage systems. Our research is driven by the complexities of modern data-intensive computer systems, and the need for more efficient and flexible approaches to manage such complexities. We aim for innovation in systems technologies that range from large-scale distributed systems to cross-layer software-hardware co-design.

Our current efforts are focused on: (1) improving serverless computing using a full-stack approach spanning applications, middleware, and lower-level OS/hardware (watch this Youtube video summarizing our recent focus on serverless computing); and (2) building better (computing and storage) systems for distributed machine learning.

We are committed to training the next-gen of data systems researchers and developers. We are seeking Ph.D. students who are passionate about solving practical challenging problems in modern datacenter applications & systems. We are also open to working with Masters and undergrad students.

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Lab News

February 2023

  • Congrats to Jingyuan, Ben, and the team on the acceptance of InfiniStore to VLDB 2023!

December 2022

  • Congrats to Redwan, Ahmad, and Yuqi on their paper on deep learning I/O caching accepted to FAST 2023!

September 2022

August 2022

  • Our group moved to the University of Virginia in Fall'22.

July 2022

  • 🏅 SFS is nominated as a Best Student Paper Award Finalist at SC'22!! Congrats to Yuqi!

June 2022

  • Congrats to Yuqi on his paper on serverless function scheduling accepted to SC'22!

May 2022

  • This summer my students will intern at MSR (Ben Carver), ByteDance (Yuqi Fu, Jingyuan Zhang), and Argonne National Lab (Zhaoyuan Su)! Congrats!
  • Yue received an Outstanding Teacher Award from CS @ Mason!
  • Rui received an Outstanding GTA Award from CS @ Mason! Congratulations!

August 2021

August 2021

  • Congrats to Li and Haoliang on rKube accepted to SoCC'21!

June 2021

  • Congrats to Zheng on FedAT accepted to SC'21!

April 2021

  • Congrats to Ao on FaaSNet accepted to ATC'21!

March 2021

  • Yue received a gift from Adobe Research for our work on serverless computing! Thanks, Adobe!

Feburary 2021

  • Yue received an NSF CAREER Award for our work on building serverless cloud storage infrastructure. Thanks, NSF!

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